Refugee & Immigration Services

From Troubled to Triumphant Immigrants

The conditions that drive people to migrate to a new country are often strong and stark – just the names of the places where migrants are coming from can be enough reason: Syria, Congo, Sudan, and Rwanda are and have been the sites of some of the greatest human tragedies of the last 20 years. But while these tragedies have readily grabbed news headlines, words and phrases like coltan and blood diamonds have been involved in equally strong economic forces that have caused untold suffering and driven numerous refugees to seek a better life for themselves and their families far from where they were born.

One thing these immigrants all have in common is their hope that their journey will bring them to a kind of Promised Land, where they might live free of the fear once suffered in their home countries. But it isn’t easy to make the journey – or to survive in their new homes at the end of that journey, among people who speak a different language and have different customs and culture. They will need ongoing help to overcome these barriers and obstacles and assimilate into their new society: they need a path of hope…

Our services in this program include case management primarily to secondary migrants, mentoring, spiritual counseling, and more.

Immigration Legal Services

From an Undocumented status to Lawfully Naturalized U.S Citizen

Throughout our nation’s history, millions of immigrants have come in search of freedom, safety, opportunity, and a better life. Many immigrants remain undocumented because they can’t afford the services of an immigration attorney, or they become the victims of immigration services scams. We help immigrants from all over the world navigate the complex U.S. immigration process at low or no cost. Our Services include Family-based Petitions, Applications for Green Cards (Legal Permanent Resident Card), Application for Naturalization, Application for Employment Authorizations, and More.


Education Services

We help remove obstacles between students and their desired success.

There are many reasons why capable students fail to achieve their goal of completing their high school or college degrees (‘dropouts’).

Some are for social reasons – such as becoming involved with people who convince them that they don’t need to go to school or that school can’t give them the good life, and then try to take from others what they can’t earn for themselves; or those who suffered from mental illness or addictions that prevented the mental focus that is needed to succeed in school; or those who found themselves as single parents to young children and could not cover childcare at the same time as class-time…

Some are for financial reasons – not having enough money to pay for school or cover for the wages not earned while going to school; or childcare expenses are too much for both work-time and class-time; or the purchase of new books for each semester’s classes causes financial hardship…

Whatever the reason, Path of Hope is pledged to try to find workable solutions for every hurdle that may limit a member’s ability to succeed in school. We believe in second chances, and in making the effort to find a way to succeed when other resources say “Sorry, I/we can’t help you…”